Outside the box Introduction

To think outside the box is an idiom or a cliché, depending on how overused it is in your particular world. If you consider it overused, you can disdainfully call it a cliché.  The expression means non-traditional, non-conventional, innovative or looking at something from a different perspective. In other words, it means thinking outside constraining limits or conventional barriers, which would be a like a box.  It is considered a stereotyped expression, so you shouldn’t use it directly in a job interview or when are trying to impress somebody.  Every prospective employer wants job candidates who are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and who can find creative solutions.   Find a way to get it across that you can do all this without actually saying, “Oh, and I am great at thinking outside the box.”

However, I have chosen the expression as a name for this part of the blog because weird things have always fascinated me, and the more they fascinate me, the more weird things I inadvertently discover or think up.  I attribute this to having been brought up on Grimm’s’ and Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales, which my mother read to me every night at bedtime. That was before Disney began to produce toned-down versions of these tales, and the original versions were quite scary and bloody.


My old Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale book  and an illustration from the story: Thumbelisa. I truly believe that fairy tales are preparation for innovative, creative thinkers, and teach children that generally things come out okay if you work hard at it.  It goes without saying that fairy tales also teach children that yes, bad things sometimes happen.

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